What is behind every piece..?

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Touching and Reaching Collection


This collection is an intimate reflection of bodies and their postures; they are the Introspection that unites them with a subtle energy from the union of souls.


Each piece is made of metal, with multiple pigments, textures, curves and lines, with poems and formulas buried in their skin, reflecting the delicate desire of touching and reaching.


It is in that seclusion modeled, immersed in an enjoyable and inspirational atmosphere, within the sound of cutters, hammers, grinders and the light of the metal sparks, that the artist creates all pieces.

in construction...
The Mutation of the fish. Serie.


The damages that the men are producing to our planet are noticeable. Our seas are getting polluted. The artist is imagining how the fish will mutate due to these damages. This is his objection to it. 

Wood joined by metal pieces and bolts and nuts.